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Fruit Trays

Small Fruit Tray (Feeds 10-13) - $14.99

Large Fruit Tray (Feeds 15-20) - $26.99

Extra Fruit Dip - $2.00

Veggie Trays

Small Veggie Tray (Feeds 10-13) - $14.99

Large Veggie Tray (Feeds 15-20) - $24.99

**Prices are subject to change**
gift basket.png

Our Gift Baskets feature your most favorite treats, and we have now taken it one step further to offer

Love Local products as well! Call it what you will - we call it a basket of Co-op goodness!

Market Town Gift Baskets may combine the following treats; caramel popcorn, chips & salsa, fruit, chocolate, potato chips, candy, crackers & cheese and local items like Other Brother's Coffee, Border Hills Honey and Rede Made Noodles. 

To Give you the best basket for your buck our minimum basket is $45.00 to a maximum of $180.00. We can do any price in between.

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